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Corten sea birds: albatross, penguin & oystercatcher


A fabulous new set of three, Lisa's corten sea bird stakes are the albatross, penguin and gull.   

Designed to be pushed into the ground, these pieces will rust and create their own unique patina. Each bird measures around 70cm tall (most are slightly taller). Lisa's corten birds stakes are a fantastic piece to set off the greenery in your garden or makes a great gift for a gardener.

Please note. When you receive the birds, they may be in raw corten steel and a grey colour. Put them outdoors and in a couple of weeks they will start to rust and develop a gorgeous unique patina. The rust is growing on the outside of the garden art and forms a protective layer around the steel.

Corten steel is 100% recyclable.

ALBATROSS:   New Zealand is considered the world's albatross capital, with 17 species found  and 11 species breeding here.

PENGUIN:  Three species breed on the New Zealand mainland, they breed alone or in small groups:  Yellow-eyed penguin/hoiho. Fiordland crested penguin/tawaki. Little penguin/kororā (information from Department of Conservation). 

OYSTERCATCHER:   A stocky coastal bird with a long, bright orange bill, found around much of New Zealand. They are often seen in pairs probing busily for shellfish along beaches or in estuaries.  Please note.  the oystercatcher has replaced the gull however my photos needs updating. 

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