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Corten garden birds set: kingfisher, kereru, kiwi

Joining Lisa's bestselling set are the kingfisher, kereru and kiwi. A set of three, each are cut from 2.5mm NZ corten steel. Designed to be pushed into the ground, these pieces will rust and create their own unique patina - they just get better with age.

Please note. When you receive your birds, they may be a grey colour as the corten has not had a chance to age. Put them outdoors and in a couple of weeks they will start to rust and develop a gorgeous unique patina. The rust is growing on the outside of the garden art and forms a protective layer around the steel.

Corten steel is 100% recyclable.

This set are each around 70cm tall. Lisa's corten birds are a fantastic piece to set off the greenery in your garden or makes a great gift for a gardener.

NOTE. Lisa only sells her corten birds as a set of 3. To purchase individually, please refer to her stockists. 

KINGFISHER or kotare is a special bird with a green-blue back, buff to yellow undersides and a large black bill. They have a wide range of unmusical calls, the most distinctive of which is the ‘kek-kek-kek’ territorial call.

KERERU or wood pigeon is a large bird with shining green and bronze feathers on its head and a white vest. The noisy beat of its wings is a distinctive sound in NZ forests.

KIWI is a unique bird: it cannot fly, has loose, hair-like feathers, strong legs and no tail. It is the national icon of New Zealand and unofficial national emblem.

The metal bird silhouettes comes as a set with each measuring 70cm tall. All have pointed spokes on the bottom to push into the ground or a pot plant.

Suitable for inside or out.

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