corten kia ora sign

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By popular demand, Lisa's iconic kia ora steel sign is now available in rusting corten steel.

Measuring 240mm x 900mmm the Kia Ora wall sign comes ready to hang with subtle holes for screws or nails - your can hang horizontally or vertically.  Please note, the words meet as this is an artistic impression

This artwork is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

please note. when you receive your sign, it may be a grey colour as the corten has not had a chance to age. put it outdoors and in a couple of weeks it will start to rust and develop a gorgeous unique patina.

it takes time, with exterior exposure, for the rust layer to completely form and seal. corten seals and fully weathers best when it is repeatedly exposed to moisture and then allowed to dry.   during this time, depending on the climate and where your art is placed, your work may bleed and have a slight rust runoff.  generally this is if the art/sign is touching a surface. 

if this is an issue, penetrol (available from hardware stores) can be applied and will seal moisture out and help prevent rust stains and further corrosion.  

Designed and made in New Zealand. 

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