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Come In, We're Awesome


Come in, we're awesome is a fun piece for your family entrance or entryway - inside or outside your front door.

"Come in" measures 600mm x 100mm and "we're awesome", 300mm x 50mm. If tied as shown, the artwork measures 13cm x 1.25m long.

This piece comes ready to hang with 2 metres of 14mm quality jute hemp rope attached. There are so many ways to tie the rope - you can customise the length and knot style to suit your space. 

Cut from high grade brushed stainless steel and electro powdercoated with a super durable Dulux UV resistant finish in classic matt white.

This artwork is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Art can be hung using hooks, screws, nails, Hard as Nails or, 3M Picture Hanging strips (indoors only and please use on all the hanging blocks). These are not included. If in a drafty area, secure the bottom hanging block with Blu tack or Hard as Nails.


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