Stand off wall / sign mounts, your choice of colour

$14.00 NZD

Please note.  Due to current stock availability, lisa's sign mounts are available only for purchase with one of her custom signs.  please do not be offended if your order is cancelled.   

The addition of stand off wall / sign mounts takes your address panel or house name to a new level of fabulous.  Sign mounts make the panel pop out from the wall, for a cool shadowing effect and are effective with the use of LED strip lighting. 

Available in two sizes (small and large) and in matte black, matte white and designer satin chrome (with clear resin base, not chrome base - eg. the top of the 3rd and bottom of the 4th in the photo). 

Standoffs are made from resin so will not corrode and have a UV inhibitor additive in them making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Screws are not included as mounting will be particular to the surface you are attaching to. Screw the base mount to the wall/fence, then screw the address panel/number on to the base with the top screw part of the mount.  The base of the standoff is designed to be used with an 8 or 9 gauge countersunk screw or bolt.

Ensure that the fixings you use to secure the base part are suited to the type of wall they are being attached to e.g. when securing to wood use 8 gauge counter sunk head wood screws. When securing to plaster board, concrete, block etc. obtain wall anchors specfically designed for use with the wall material from your hardware store or specialist supplier.

Please ensure the base part of the mount is securely fixed using screws or bolts that are strong enough to support the total weight of your steel work.  

Please ensure you do not "over" tighten the resin screw, to allow for steel expansion in the heat of summer. 

Sign mounts must be ordered at the time of purchase as the holes required are larger than the holes Lisa usually puts in her steel works. 

Price is for a set of 2 or a set of 4 standoffs, refer diagram for measurements of large and small. 

Circles and the smallest address signs (28cm x 12cm) require 2 standoff mounts.  

ALL other address signs require 4 stand off sign mounts. 



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