Huia Feathers BLACK with NATURAL rope

$189.00 NZD

The huia was a legendary native bird of New Zealand.

Its feathers were a cherished treasure for Māori - a symbol of leadership and mana.  The tail feathers were particularly prized and worn as head and neck adornments by people (both men and women) of great authority and power.

Sadly, the bird is now extinct with the last recorded sighting in 1907 in the Tararua Ranges north of Wellington. 

Striking and beautiful, the huia feather hanging comes tied as shown and measures approximately 1.25m long.  Feathers are 500mm and 235mm long. 

You can adjust the rope to suit your space - long or short.

Art work is intended to be hung using the rope on a hook, wall dot or nail. 

A stunning addition of New Zealand made outdoor garden art for your home.

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