Outdoor Wall hook frangipani BLACK Medium (set of 3)

$129.00 NZD

Lisa's new frangipani wall hooks make a stunning addition to your wall - indoors or outdoors. 

  • 25mm projection from wall
  • available as a set of 3, each measures 11cm diameter (front)

Hooks are made from high quality stainless steel, coated with a dulux uv resistant coating in matte black or matte white. 

if using outdoors, please ensure you do not "over" tighten the resin screw, to allow for steel expansion in the heat of summer. 


screws are not included as different wall types require different screws/fixings.  please ensure you use the correct fixings for the wall that is being attached to e.g. when securing to wood use 8 gauge counter sunk head wood screws.  when securing to plasterboard, concrete, block etc use wall anchors specifically designed for use with the wall material and appropriate for the weight of what you are hanging. 

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