Handwritten cursive steel custom house number & street name

$289.00 NZD

Premium grade NZ steel. 

    • Custom steel street number and handwritten / cursive street name.
    • You choose the steel colour/type to suit your home.
    • Cut to order. 
    • Price for size roughly 45cm-50cm tall (written as three lines, including the number, then street name across two lines) 

Lisa can cut this design larger, or smaller, to suit your space.  An additional charge may be issued once design is finalised if sizing is larger than 50cm. 

The cost is generally the same if you would like your design smaller as a significant part of the cost is in the detail of hand written lettering and file preparation for cutting this. 


Once you have placed your order and payment has been received, Lisa will mock up three options for you to choose from.  The design depends on the actual number.  Please check your Junk Email folder if you have not received this. 


Hidden sign mount attachments are included for the digits. In most cases the street name will be too fine for these attachments and need to be attached with exterior adhesive (not included) or, alternatively, Lisa can put subtle holes for you to screw these up.  All corten works come with holes to hang in both the digits and lettering. 

Hidden sign mount installation - for the digits

  1. Attach the nipple part of the mount to the back of your number/s with Liquid Nails, Gorilla Glue, epoxy or similar for exterior use on powdercoated metal and plastic.  Ensure you let the glue cure fully before hanging.
  2. Mark the back of the nipple part with chalk or felt tip pen and quickly press the number on the wall/letterbox/fence to get the placement for the cups.  Screw the cups into place and the nipple clicks into the cup. 
  3. Alternatively, the numbers can be left plain and you can attach with Liquid Nails, or exterior foam tape. 


Lisa cuts all steel house numbers to order - just for you - and does not hold any in stock.  

Please check here for current lead times.

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