Types of steel

Lisa uses only premium quality New Zealand steel.  She does not cut acrylic (perspex) or aluminium composite material (acm).   although far more economical options, they have a limited life span. 

Material options we offer:

  • Matte black, matte white or matte gold coated grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Corten Steel
  • Marine Grade (316) Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium 


lisa uses high grade 304 quality stainless steel for her black, white, gold and coloured collections.  products have a dulux "electro" coating on front and sides - a uv resistant durable product designed for architectural use.  

this is the same grade of stainless steel as a high end bbq and has a far greater resistance to corrosion than mild steel or galvanised steel.   like windows, your art / sign / house number may need periodic rinsing with clean water, to wash off sea-salt deposits that may cause corrosion over time.  

If you are in the high coastal zone, you are welcome to upgrade your base stainless steel to marine grade stainless steel (under the coloured coating).


lisa uses 3mm new zealand corten steel for her corten work.  Although corten has a rusty appearance, it is a corrosion resistant steel that, left uncoated, develops an outer layer patina (the rusted look).  the patina protects the steel from additional corrosion.  corten looks fabulous if lightly sanded every now and then. 

it takes time - with exterior exposure - for the rust layer to completely form and seal. corten seals and fully weathers best when it is repeatedly exposed to moisture and then allowed to dry.   during this time, depending on the climate and where your number/sign is placed, your work may bleed and have a slight rust runoff.  generally this is if the sign is touching a surface. 

art can be rusted faster by repeatedly spraying with water or sea water.  We start this process with every piece that we produce. 

art can also be coated with penetrol (available at quality hardware stores) to stop the rusting process and maintain the look of the artwork at any stage.


lisa's brushed stainless designs use high grade 316 marine grade quality  stainless steel.  

this is the same grade of stainless steel used in marine environments however, like with windows, your sign does need maintenance to keep it at its best and free from tea staining.  

wash regularly with clean fresh water, mild detergent and a cloth or soft brush. after washing rinse in clean water and wipe the surface dry with a soft absorbent cloth remembering to go with the grain on brushed stainless steel. generally you should wash your stainless steel every time you wash your windows or every three months. do not use abrasive cleaners or a scouring pad of any type as they may cause excessive wear and dull the finish. even stainless steel finishes in coastal environments may show tea staining if not washed regularly. 


Although Lisa predominantly creates in New Zealand steel, sometimes she uses 3mm aluminium sheets for larger pieces as it is lighter than steel.