Floating Family, Home or Business name - cursive font

$169.00 NZD

premium grade nz steel custom floating family, house or business name sign. 

    • 400mm or 600mm long
    • custom cut to suit 
    • choose from marine grade (316) brushed stainless, matte black, matte white, matte gold or rusting corten steel. 


once you have placed your order and payment has been received, lisa will mock up three options for you to choose from.  the design depends on the name.   please check your junk email folder if you have not received this. 

60cm long is approximately 18cm-20cm tall.  40cm long is approximately 10cm-12cm tall.  the font you choose and the number of letters in your family or business name dictates the height and design.  more letters in a name will mean the letters are smaller, less letters in the name will mean the letters are larger and/or more spaced out.    Lisa cuts to order so can cut the size to suit your space 

Please enter what you would like on the sign in the text box when you order. 


signs come with holes to hang.  optional standoffs can be purchased separately.  these must be purchased at the time of order as require larger holes in the sign. 

the adhesive protective layer on brushed stainless steel signs can be removed once hung and any residue wiped away with the complimentary brilliance wipe. 

corten steel

it takes time, with exterior exposure, for the rust layer to completely form and seal.  corten seals and fully weathers best when it is repeatedly exposed to moisture and then allowed to dry.   during this time, depending on the climate and where your sign is placed, it may bleed and have a slight rust runoff.  generally this is if the sign is touching a surface. 

if this is an issue, penetrol (available from hardware stores) can be applied and will seal moisture out and help prevent rust stains and further corrosion.  you can also speed up the process by repeatedly spraying the front and back with a salt water solution, leaving to dry each time.  

lead time

lisa cuts all personalised signs to order - just for you - and does not hold any in stock.  

please check here for current lead times.

or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $28.16 with what's this?