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Handwritten steel house number

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Really add some personality to your home with one of Lisa's fabulous handwritten custom door numbers.  Price is dependent on the size and number of letters however rough indication is approximately 50cm wide by relative height (the perfect size for a front door).

As an example "seventy five" is still one number however the letters will be smaller than a single "five".  Lisa cuts to suit your space so can always make this larger or smaller and adjust the price accordingly.  

Lisa's metal house numbers are cut from high grade steel.  the front and sides of black and white works are coated with an architectural coating by Dulux, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Small/subtle holes are in the number, to screw up or alternatively you can attach with liquid nails, or similar. 

Corten (rusting) steel numbers have holes to hang. 

Price includes shipping to New Zealand. 

Lisa cuts all decorative house numbers to order - just for you - and does not hold any in stock.  

Please check here for current lead times.