Custom steel large house numbers & letters 30cm

$65.00 NZD

House NumberPremium grade NZ steel designer house numbers. 

    • Individual 30cm tall custom house numbers / digits. 
    • You choose the font and type of steel to suit your home or letterbox.
    • Cut to order. 
    • Please add the total number of digits in your number when you order - the price is PER character/digit (eg.  510 is three digits, 510A is 4 digits).

For black, white and gold house numbers, each piece is coated front and sides.  The back of the numbers are not coated as sits against the wall, fence or letterbox so is not visible.  Please advise Lisa if you would like the back coated too.  This is available for a small additional cost.  


Once you have placed your order and payment has been received, Lisa will mock up 3-5 of her current most popular font options for you to choose from.  The design depends on the actual number.  Please check your Junk Email folder if you have not received this. You are also most welcome to choose a custom font at or let Lisa know the "style" of your home. 


Sign mount attachments are included for black, white, gold and brushed stainless digits. 

  1. Attach the nipple part of the mount to the back of your number/s with Liquid Nails, Gorilla Glue, epoxy or similar for exterior use on powdercoated metal and plastic.  Ensure you let the glue cure fully before hanging.
  2. Use chalk or felt tip pen on the nipple and press on the wall/letterbox/fence to get the placement for the cups.  Screw the cups into place and the nipple clicks into the cup. 
  3. Alternatively, use baking paper to trace the numbers (as you will hang them) and mark on the paper where you have attached the nipple part of the sign mount.  Tape the paper where you will be hanging the numbers, and you will have the placement to screw the cups. 
  4. Alternatively, the numbers can be left plain and you can attach with Liquid Nails, or exterior foam tape. 

Corten numbers have holes for hanging as need to be screwed up.  Over time, the rusting process can impede an adhesive., hence the requirement for the holes.  Please let Lisa know when you order if you would prefer not to have holes in corten digits. 

Screws are not included as the correct screw for your medium needs to be used. 


Lisa cuts all custom house numbers to order - just for you - and does not hold any in stock.  

Please check here for current lead times.

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