Cockatiel & eucalyptus

$101.40 NZD $169.00 NZD

cockatiels are native to australia.

their distinctive crest expresses their emotional state.  when startled or excited, the crest is vertical.  It is gently slanted when relaxed and flattened close to the head when the bird is angry or defensive.

cockatiel and eucalyptus comes tied as shown and measures approximately 1.2m long.  length can vary as each piece is individually finished.  steel is 360mm and 400mm long. 

you can adjust the rope to suit your space - long or short.

corten steel is an architectural rusting steel that is designed to rust. it has a copper content that ensures its core will not deteriorate and it will last a long long time.  corten continues to look more fabulous the more it ages. the rust grows on the outside of the art, making it stronger.  the art itself does not rust. 

art work is intended to be hung using the rope on a hook, wall dot or nail. 

a stunning addition of Australian native wall art for your garden.

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