Tropical palm leaf black LARGE

$249.00 NZD

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Inspired by the gorgeous dried palm leaf from Camilla's House, on the cover of Loni Parker's gorgeous book, "Find My Style".  Lisa was asked to create this by a number of customers and loved it so much, she has added it to her latest collection.  

Incredibly versatile, the large palm frond comes with two black standoffs and it can be hung to suit your space - horizontally or vertically. Measures 85cm x 30cm and also available in a smaller size

Suitable for indoors and outdoors, Lisa's palm leaf is cut from high grade stainless steel and coated with a durable dulux uv resistant finish in classic matt black.

please note.  screws are not included as different wall types require different screws/fixings.  please ensure you use the correct fixings for the wall that is being attached to e.g. when securing to wood use 8 gauge counter sunk head wood screws.  when securing to plasterboard, concrete, block etc use wall anchors specifically designed for use with the wall material and appropriate for the weight of what you are hanging. 

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